We sell and rent diesel generators and gasoline portable generators, and provide generator service.

Our company, which started in 2002 with the principle of "Our business is your strength", is proceeding confidently toward its goals in the world and Turkey in the long run.
Starting off the production activities in 2008, Anka has introduced its generators to the markets both in Turkey and at different points of the world in this long period.
Anka Generator, running a 24/7 support operation with a team of 25 people and managing its own infrastructure investments with a continuous R & D policy, made its name in the generator sector by achieving the biggest investment acceleration in 2013.


Generator Sales

Our generators are guaranteed. You get your money’s worth in terms of quality for every product you buy from the Anka Generator.

Generator Rental

Anka Generator rental department serves all over Turkey from one point. Daily, weekly, monthly rental generators.

Generator Spare Parts

In the warehouse area of the Anka Generator manufacturing plant, spare parts of all powerful generator sets are available.

7 Days 24 Hours Service

Anka provides after sales service and spare parts support. 7 days 24-hour service to customers with sales...

Generator Maintenance

We offer Maintenance Contract services with various options for your generator.From the control and audit option at regular intervals ...


Diesel Generators

We sell and rent diesel generators which are the most preferred economical and powerful generators with a warranty and 24/7 support promise.

Gasoline Portable Generators

We offer the warranty and support of Anka Generator for the gasoline generator option with the confidence and quality of Honda brand.

Marin Generators

Marin generators are durable generators for all kinds of climate conditions.


The growth acceleration of our company, which continues its activities as generator sales, service, rental and spare parts services, and the principle that we produce in Turkey sheds light on us as our main duty.

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