Power and Location Determination

Power and Location Determination is an important factor to consider when buying a generator and offering the most suitable generator for the user. Air intake and discharge of generator sets, exhaust system, flat and concrete floor must be taken into account.

The start powers of the motors are also important when buying a generator. For instance; devices such as electric motor refrigerators, air conditioners, compressors start working with 2-3 times more power than the label power. This feature must be taken into consideration when determining the generator power. Anka Generator offers Power and Location determination service to its customers free of charge throughout Turkey.

Periodic Maintenance

We offer Maintenance Contract services with various options for your generator. From the control and audit option to the maintenance option at regular intervals, it is ensured that the generator is always ready to work at different programs with optimum performance.

You want to see that the generator runs smoothly in the year when it is necessary to put into use because of interruptions in the network that may be out of control and out of program. We will ensure that the generator is ready for these unpredictable times by regular service and maintenance of our specialist service providers.

Some of the benefits that Anka Generator Maintenance service can provide to your business enterprise by the expert and authorized service team:

* The increase in performance, productivity and generation availability of your generator,
* Maintenance and repairs completed in less time and keeping the inactivity period of the generator at a minimum,
* Determination of the hazards that may lead to failure during the maintenance checks of the specialist service team, avoidance of defects by taking the necessary precautions,
* The technical team in your business can focus on more immediate operational needs.

Spare Part

In the warehouse area of the Anka Generator manufacturing plant, spare parts of all powerful generator sets are available.

The engine alternator and chassis numbers of the generator set to be shipped are registered by the relevant personnel and transferred to the warehouse responsible via the system.

The Warehouse responsible will enumerate and record all serial numbers of the shipped generator and any spare material that will be used in the future.

In this way, all spare material is kept ready for the shipment. The sold products have a 10-year spare parts warranty.


Anka Generator sets are guaranteed for manufacturing and fabrication faults in Turkey and in the world for 2 years or 1000 hours as complete sets. All of our products have a spare parts warranty for 10 years.

The warranty conditions and the institutional structure are very important details when choosing a generator. The generator sets you buy from the Real Power Generator provide you energy for many years without any expense.

Rental Generators

Anka Generator rental department serves all over Turkey from one point. Daily, weekly, monthly rental generators provide fast and affordable energy in line with the customer requests.

Please contact us for your rental generator needs.

General Maintenance Services

Anka Generator provides customer satisfaction by offering maintenance services at reasonable prices for products with brands other than ours. Maintenance service by expert personnel is offered to all powerful generator sets.


Anka which provides after sales service and spare parts support for its generator sales, continues to offer the best after sales service to its customers for 7 days 24-hour.

Anka Generatot is the right address where you can get your money’s worth with quality service and it offers fast and reliable service at the customer site with well trained and skillful employees along with service equipment with modern devices.

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